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Carlos Argueta, run barefoot

Sunday, May 5th, 2013

Carlos Argueta, run barefoot by José Moreno

This Quetzalteco always trying to do new things in sport, here we see him running barefoot 10km, an example for many Quetzaltecos, he has 70 years old

Este Quetzalteco siempre intenta hacer cosas nuevas en el deporte, aqui podemos verlo corriendo descalzo 10km, un ejemplo para muchos Quetzaltecos, el tiene 70 años de edad

Painting without frame

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

Painting without frame by José Moreno


This picture caught my eye because it is painted directly on the wall and I remember wearing there many years, if you can see the side of Entre Mundos

Este cuadro me llamó la atención ya que esta pintado directamente sobre la pared y yo recuerdo que lleva puesto alli muchísimos años, si lo puedes observar a un lado de Entre Mundos

Day of “Cristo Negro”

Monday, January 17th, 2011

Day of "Cristo Negro"

In 1594, Portuguese sculptor, Quirio Cataño sculpt a Jesus Christ figure upon a request from the Catholic Church in Esquipula. According to one story, the artist used a dark colored wood to sculpt this particular figure to catch a resemblance to the dark skin color of the residents in this region.

Another tale says that it is known as Cristo Nengro, because over 400 years of worship, the wood on which was carved has acquired a dark color like the brown color of the original inhabitants of this region of Guatemala.

Not sure which one is true, but today, mainly in Esquipula, January 15 is celebrated as the day of “Cristo Negro”. While the main address of celebrations is Esquipula, it is also celebrated in Chiquilajá, Quetzaltenango, too. This small town is located near Xela. On a chicken bus of Ruta 11, that can be taken at Parque Benito Juarez in La Democracia, you can reach to this town in 40 minutes.

For further information on the story of Cristo Negro you can read this study or wikipedia article.

Day of "Cristo Negro" Day of "Cristo Negro"

Day of "Cristo Negro" Day of "Cristo Negro"

Day of "Cristo Negro" Day of "Cristo Negro"

Day of "Cristo Negro" Day of "Cristo Negro"