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Street food: #3 Pupusas

Sunday, May 22nd, 2016

Street food: #3 Pupusas

Welcome to the world of Pupusas, Pupusas of: Loroco, cheese, Chicharron beeks, Chipilin and much more.

Normally is accompanied by cabbage and chile, enjoy around the park, Calvario Park, and La Democracia market.

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Bagels the new fashion food

Thursday, September 25th, 2014
Bagels the new fashion food -José Moreno Photography-

Bagels the new fashion food -José Moreno Photography-

Since we’re on the food subject, take a look at this delicious choice. We’re going to have to go to every restaurant in town with my friend Nadia just for you! Today we had this exquisite bagel with cheese cream , tomatoe and an egg, with some nachos on the side. You can find this selection in 3 or 4 restaurants located across town and choose the one closest to you!

Text translate: Nadia Pelaez


Thursday, April 11th, 2013

Pupusas by José Moreno

From El Salvador came the famous pupusas a tortilla made ​​of corn filled with “Chicharron” there are also “Cheese”, “Loroco” etc. What would be your favorite flavor?

Desde el salvador llegaron las famosas pupusas una tortilla hecha de maiz rellena de “Chicharron” también hay de “Queso”, “Loroco” entre otros ¿Cual sería tu sabor favorito?