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One Last Look

Sunday, September 16th, 2012

One Last Look by Luna McCarthy

Sunday gives us a last look at Parque Central, all decorated and dressed up for Independencia.

Afternoon in Xela

Monday, September 10th, 2012

Afternoon in Xela by Jose Moreno

Exactly that. Tan linda. Thanks to guest contributor Jose Moreno, for such an amazing shot.

A New Angle

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

A New Angle by Jose Moreno

My apologies, I am not sure quite what happened…I posted for Thursday and Friday and came online this morning to see that NOTHING had been posted. Sorry faithful readers 馃檨

I particularly love this shot by guest contributor Jose Moreno and the unusual angle from which it was shot. Can anyone guess where this photo was taken from? Jose, don’t give it away too quickly!

A New Angle

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

A New Angle by Jose Moreno

I quite like this angle of the Cathedral {shot taken by guest contributor Jose Moreno}…and I am trying to figure out where it was taken from. Jose, don’t tell us quite yet…does anyone have any guesses where this was shot from?

With the Times

Monday, August 27th, 2012

With the Times by Sergio Dominguez

Xela is now officially on Google Earth and now you can see some of your favorite spots from the sky! Such as this cool aerial Central Park shot, sent in by guest contributor Sergio Dominguez.

Alternate View

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Alternate View by Jose Moreno

I love this photo for two reasons. One is that it’s a great shot of a not-often taken angle of the Central Park area. The other reason is that it’s yet another shot of the amazing, fabulous, blue skies of my home, Xela. Awww, all warm and fuzzy.

Photo by guest contributor Jose Moreno.

Payaso Payaso!

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

Payaso Payaso! by Luna McCarthy

This fun clown was in the park with little children gathered all in front of him. Some of the kids even got a little upset with me for trying to get in to take a picture. However, he was entertaining, making silly faces, juggling and getting some of the younger children to help him pick up his props.

Yet Another

Friday, July 27th, 2012

Yet Another by Luna McCarthy

I don’t know about you, but I just NEVER tire of seeing the amazing Xela skyline. No matter what anyone says, I still feel like it is one of the homiest skylines in the world.

Look Up!!

Monday, July 16th, 2012

Look Up by Jose Moreno

Since we as humans have a tendency to never look up, can anyone tell me where this is?

Photo by guest contributor Jose Moreno.

Looking Up

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

Looking Up by Luna McCarthy

The ceiling of the Pasaje Enriquez, where no doubt many, many people will be watching tomorrow’s final game of the Eurocup. I doubt very many people will be looking up though…

Photo by guest contributor Jose Moreno.

The Real Issue

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Muni Post Party by Sergio Dominguez

For those of us who have visited Xela, lived here or seen pictures, the Municipal Building is indeed a gorgeous example of Xela architecture. This shot however, taken by guest contributor Sergio Dominguez, shows the tiled floor of the “Muni” covered in garbage. I have seen similar scenes in other countries and yes, granted this was after a party in Central Park. But truth is, Guatemala has a garbage issue.

It’s surprising to see, because in so many ways, Guatemalans are such hard workers…constantly sweeping their doorsteps or spraying down the dust that arises during dry season. It was not in Guatemala that I first saw someone open a candy bar and toss the wrapper on the ground, but that behavior is common here and it is extremely troubling. If you read XDP often, you know I applaud the hard work done by the Xela Limpia fellows. Truth is, we need them, badly.

But beyond that, education is needed about the damage that is done to the land as our generations litter and no one changes. Much of the flooding in Xela during rainy season is not only due to poor infrastructure/drainage systems, it is due to the garbage that lines and fills the grates of the drains themselves.

It was good to see that this year, outdoor garbage cans have been added to many streets in the center. Although small, a little frail looking and hung on the posts on the sidewalks, I do see them filled and emptied as time passes. This is a good sign, a step in the right direction.

I’m not sure what can be done about this. I recall hearing an American say once that the U.S. went through a very similar thing in the 1940’s/1950’s, until someone (perhaps the President?) stepped forward and initiated and made law, that things had to change. There was massive education on littering and it’s effects. I remember when I was a child, seeing commercials on tv about how disrespectful is it to throw your waste on the ground. That stuck with me.

This is such a beautiful country, rich with culture, passion, art, love, music, faith and so many other wondrous things. What needs to be done to change how people treat this wonderful land?

The Birds

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

The Birds by Luna McCarthy

It’s funny how the little children always want to chase the birds in Parque Central…you can see the boy pulling his mother towards them. I think its also a little comical how the little girl in the photo seems to strike the same pose as her father, as they watch the birds flutter about.

Reader Photo!! – Night Lights

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

Night Lights by Katrien Peirs

This photo was taken and sent in by reader Katrien Peirs, such a fabulous shot of the Cathedral at night!


Sunday, May 27th, 2012

Too Many Birds by Luna McCarthy

So many people like to hang out in the park to see and feed the birds; little children chase them around and for the most part that’s all okay. Unless you have a bird phobia, like I do. When I first came to Xela, I loved sitting in the park (still do), but the constant group-swooping of the birds freaked me out a little (still does). They fly in huge flocks from the park to the Casa Noj’ building…aaaand circle around the park and do it all again and again and again. I do love watching the children chase them and I enjoy seeing the elderly throw their breadcrumbs to them…I just won’t be sitting nearby when it happens.

Dog Day Afternoon

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

Three Dogs by Sergio Dominguez

Great shot of some dogs just chilling out in Parque Central by guest contributor Sergio Dominguez.