About XDP

Editor Luna McCarthy is a published photographer/author currently based in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. After working in the corporate world for many years and living in various parts of the world, she knew that when she came to Xela, it felt like home. Luna’s business Moonkat Dessert Lounge & Galeria de Arte is located in el centro and supports 3 local NGOs that work with women and children. Her photographic style is to “catch the moments” of everyday, the moments that you want to carry with you for a long time.

Guest Contributor Sergio Dominguez is a local electronic engineer from Xela and after living his entire life in the city and meeting and learning from people from other cities and countries, he has realized that life is a precious gift. And sometimes it can be captured and shared in a photo which when shown to the right observer, may reveal the delicate harmony with the world we live in.

“Moments scream to be seen, fortunately for us we can share them as well.”

Guest Contributor Jose Moreno is a Xela native, graphic designer, photographer and one of the two producers of XelaMap, in cooperation with Sean Wallace.

“The camera doesn’t define the photographer, it’s the photographer who defines the camera”

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