Cerro Quemado Excursion

Cerro Quemado -Photo by Marieke Smulders-

These photos were sent to us by a really good friend, Marieke Smulders, she took a hike to “Cerro Quemado” where you can find a great view of Quetzaltenango! It is also known as “Almolonga’s Volcano” or “La Muela”, it is formed of rocks and dried lava mainly, it’s last recorded eruption was in 1818. From its highest point we can enjoy a view of “Santa Maria” volcano and the “Siete Orejas”.

Photo: Nadia Pelaez

Text Translate: Nadia Peláez

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3 thoughts on “Cerro Quemado Excursion

  1. Oh come on! Eli from GDP knows better, “La Muela” is not the summit of the Cerro Quemado, La Muela is a rock formation found en route to the summit of Cerro Quemado.
    I got lots of photographs from the summit if you want to share them.

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