Bagels the new fashion food

Bagels the new fashion food -José Moreno Photography-

Bagels the new fashion food -José Moreno Photography-

Since we’re on the food subject, take a look at this delicious choice. We’re going to have to go to every restaurant in town with my friend Nadia just for you! Today we had this exquisite bagel with cheese cream , tomatoe and an egg, with some nachos on the side. You can find this selection in 3 or 4 restaurants located across town and choose the one closest to you!

Text translate: Nadia Pelaez

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2 thoughts on “Bagels the new fashion food

    1. hey! you are from GDP :), well, we recommend for taste reginal dishes a particular restaurant call: El Apaste in zone 3, two blocks from Parque Benito Juarez.

      We will try to photograph a dish of Quetzaltenango maybe a Tamales.

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