Old building but beautiful

Old building but beautiful by José Moreno

Prior to the famous “Pasaje Enriquez” was the “Casa Real” and then the “Comando de Armas” according to historians the first building license data from 1,896 of Juan B. Enriquez, to build a portal to the park and build shops, in return he offered to the Municipality of Quetzaltenango three street yards and 1.899 construction starts.

This building is a replica of another building in the world, do you know what?

Antes de ser el famoso “Pasaje Enriquez” fué la “Casa Real” y Luego la “Comandancia de Armas” según historiadores la primera “licencia de construcción” data de 1,896 de Juan B. Enriquez, para construir un portal hacia el parque y contruir tiendas, él a cambio le ofrecio a la Municipalidad de Quetzaltenango 3 varas de calle y en 1,899 se inicia la construcción.

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