Welcome to the Feria de Xela

Welcome to the Feria de Xela by José Moreno

The Ferris wheels. The majority of people come to Xela’s townfair to have fun with the wheels and mechanical games and the adrenaline that these games provoke. I could take a photo from above the Ferris wheel, but I am not the kind of guy who enjoys the adrenaline rush, but I promise that if one day I decide to get on a tall Ferris wheel, I will share the photos with you.

Las “Ruedas”. La mayoría de personas vienen hasta aquí para divertirse un poco con este tipo de juegos y llenarse de adrenalina. Podría tomar una foto desde arriba con todos los juegos, pero no soy de los que les gusta. 🙁 Si en un futuro me decido subir a una muy alta les tendré una muy buena fotografía.

Text and photo by guest contributor José Moreno from XelaMap.

THANK YOU aside: We would like to thank Luna McCarthy for having been behind XelaDailyPhoto for over a year. We will certainly miss her Fashion Fridays, her wit and humour and more importantly we will miss her. We wish Luna the best on whatever she decides to do. We leave the doors open and unlocked so she can come back anytime she wants.

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3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Feria de Xela

  1. Thank you so much Rudy for the kind words! I am excited about the new adventure I am about to embark upon…and perhaps in the next month or so, I can submit a guest contribution before disappearing permanently from the XDP staff. Thanks to all of you readers also, who made XDP feel like home to me for almost a year and a half, I will miss you!! {And just think, I will now become one of the “readers” and enjoy XDP from a different angle!} Abrazos a todos!

    1. Oh Luna, I wish I have in me the eloquence to let you know how I and many people in Guatemala appreciate what you have done for Xela and for Guatemala in general. To share with us and the rest of the world the every day life vistas from the second most important city of Guatemala or perhaps the most important if you ask the quetzaltecos. We will certainly miss you very much.

      1. Thank you so very much Rudy, You certainly do have the eloquence, but I must say, all along it has been MY honour and pleasure. And yes, THE most important city in Guatemala 😉

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