Feria is Here

Feria is Here by Luna McCarthy

It’s that time again! Processions, cotton candy, too many people in the streets annnnd……marching bands!! Feria is upon us and everyone is happy. The downside is the noise pollution, while in some parts of the city it’s under control, but here in the center, I can currently hear 3 songs playing at once; one marimba, one bachata and the other is…Adele…? Yes. I LOVE feria!

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3 thoughts on “Feria is Here

  1. You absolutely need to get some pictures of all the mayhem at Central Park today, starting around 4 pm. Several marching bands gather there and are present for the rising of the flag at 6 PM. There´s also a free concert at Templo Minerva and another one at the Centro Intercultural. At midnight we have the “Grito de Independencia” at the Municipalidad, where all the beauty queens will be present. So, if you live in Xela and don´t have fun tonight, you´re either dead or you´re trying too hard to be a hermit!

  2. Oh, and how about a shot of the multiple groups from different towns that come in to light their Independence Day torches, and then run all the way home with them?

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