Feliz Dia Internacional de la Mujer Indigena!!

Mujeres by Luna McCarthy

It seems like these days, there is a “Day” for everything and I am not a big fan of all of that. Secretary Day, Teacher Day, Lawyer Day…really? Can’t we just celebrate who we all are everyday? Then again I am not a fan of other holidays either, like Valentines Day, etc. But to be honest, I DO like the International Day of the Indigenous Woman. I’m not sure I like celebrating every possible profession, race or gender that exists, but the artwork and education that surrounds these ‘holidays’ is often outstanding and worth the attention.

© 2012, Luna McCarthy. All rights reserved.

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One Response to “Feliz Dia Internacional de la Mujer Indigena!!”

  1. Eric says:

    Por coincidencia, tambien es el cumpleanos de una de mis ahijadas. Feliz Cumple, princesa ! And thanks for the always interesting posts, Luna. I’m kinda hoping for an ‘International Mocha Latte Day’ , or an “All You Can Eat ‘Pache’ Day” , myself. Ha-ha !

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