Every New Beginning

Every New Beginning by Luna McCarthy

…comes from some other beginning’s end. Words from the song “Closing Time” and although a little cheesy, they do have a certain good philosophy about them. Everything has a cycle of time in which it lasts; things are always changing and rarely static. Having said that I want to let everyone know that my partner Kat and I have decided to close Moonkat Dessert Lounge as of Sunday, August 26. We both have some very exciting new opportunities on the horizon and agree that this is the right time to let Moonkat end.

I also wanted to express a heartfelt thanks to you here in Xela who have supported us with your friendship and your business! It has been wonderful to hear people say how much they will miss the best cakes and waffles in town! A remembrance to all that has passed and a toast to the future!

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4 thoughts on “Every New Beginning

    1. You know Cristina, I was wondering myself the same thing. Let’s wish Luna the best in whatever she decides to do. She will have our support.

    2. Thank you so much Cristina!! There will be more news to come, I’m sure, this is only the beginning 🙂 We should have coffee somewhere 🙂

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