Garnachas Quetzaltecas

Enchiladas! by Jose Moreno

Ahh! The food here; SO good!! I remember being confused when I came to Guatemala because enchiladas here are different than they are in Mexico. I can cook a mean Mexican enchilada, but these Guatemalan semi-bite sized treats are SO very delicious!

Photo by guest contributor Jose Moreno.

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8 thoughts on “Garnachas Quetzaltecas

  1. Oh, see, Luna, now you are following in the footsteps of that prolific photographer in La Antigua. Making all of your readers hungry, when we’ve just eaten breakfast ! Shame on you. Now, mail me some of these, quick ! 😀

      1. Are you saying I won’t go there, Rudy ? Is that a challenge ? Hmmm ? Maybe I am ready to move out to Xela with dozens of my closest friends … we’re moving into Luna’s neighborhood … ;D

          1. Excellent Eric…oh, wait…you can come, but maybe not dozens of your friends…hahahha…unless you all eat in my Dessert Lounge at least once a week 😉 Jajajaa!

  2. En efecto, son garnachas. Antes solo había para la feria, pero ahora basta ir a las ventas junto al parque para encontrarlas.

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