Garnachas Quetzaltecas

Enchiladas! by Jose Moreno

Ahh! The food here; SO good!! I remember being confused when I came to Guatemala because enchiladas here are different than they are in Mexico. I can cook a mean Mexican enchilada, but these Guatemalan semi-bite sized treats are SO very delicious!

Photo by guest contributor Jose Moreno.

© 2012 – 2015, Luna McCarthy. All rights reserved.

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  • Eric

    Oh, see, Luna, now you are following in the footsteps of that prolific photographer in La Antigua. Making all of your readers hungry, when we’ve just eaten breakfast ! Shame on you. Now, mail me some of these, quick ! 😀

    • Yeah Eric, I believe Luna is getting into sharing the delicious food found in Xela and you can’t have thing.

      • Eric

        Are you saying I won’t go there, Rudy ? Is that a challenge ? Hmmm ? Maybe I am ready to move out to Xela with dozens of my closest friends … we’re moving into Luna’s neighborhood … ;D

        • Oh no Luna, watch out la chusma is moving in. 😉

          • LunaMcCarthy

            Excellent Eric…oh, wait…you can come, but maybe not dozens of your friends…hahahha…unless you all eat in my Dessert Lounge at least once a week 😉 Jajajaa!

  • Luna, I believe these are not enchiladas, but garnachas. Does anyone from Xela can confirm?

  • Cristina

    En efecto, son garnachas. Antes solo había para la feria, pero ahora basta ir a las ventas junto al parque para encontrarlas.

    • LunaMcCarthy

      Ahhh, I am always learning! 🙂 Thanks guys for confirming the correct name 🙂