Mrfhsu Yofufjsd (I Can’t Type)

Mrfhsu Yofufjsd by Luna McCarthy

Most of the photos on XDP are of the city, the fabulous skies, cultural events, common occurences in the streets, things of that nature. On occasion, I share a brief peek into my world, as a foreigner living in Guatemala. Today is one such day. I often am jealous of the beautiful nails that many Guatemalan women wear and even have tried acrylic once before, in my first year here in town.

I had my nails done this morning and let me say this: To even type these short paragraphs is a HUGE challenge. I have NO idea how women do this…it must be one of those special skills that women acquire here, like being able to walk on cobblestone streets in 5 inch heels. Uffff, que dificil es esto. And although my nails are quite simple, I think if I *ever* do this again, I will opt for the crazy leopard spots or the disco ball nails, just to make it worthwhile. 😉

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