Where is This?

Where is This? by Jose Moreno

Okay all you Xela afficianados…one question? Where is this?

Jose, don’t give away the answer! 😉

Photo by guest contributor Jose Moreno.

© 2012, Luna McCarthy. All rights reserved.

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  • it might be the street lamp of la luna cafe

    • LunaMcCarthy

      Oooh, good guess 😉

  • Well, the answer is …!!!

    • Come on José, tell us where is it and what it is.

    • LunaMcCarthy

      Heh heh…

  • well, This shot is taken on the side of “Pension Bonifaz” in the background shows “La Pedrera” and the church “Cristo Viene”

    • LunaMcCarthy

      Awesome! Thanks Jose!!