Less of an Issue – Reader Photo!!

Less of an Issue by NYChapin

This fantastic photo was sent in by NYChapin…and shows the lovely, VERY clean streets of San Juan La Laguna. There are some interesting comments in my original post The Real Issue, if you would like a little background. These streets may be the cleanest I have seen photographed, outside of some of the high profile areas in Antigua…thoughts?

Thanks for sending in this photo NYChapin!! It is beautiful and inspirational!

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12 thoughts on “Less of an Issue – Reader Photo!!

  1. How could we get some more pictures, have a show in Xela, and put our people to shame by seeing how a town can organize itself to have clean streets?
    If there´s one thing I hate, it´s people littering or relieving themselves on the street!
    Thank you NYChapin for the picture! I hope it inspires all of us to work towards the goal of having clean streets.

    1. Thanks Cristina,
      I already suggested for Rudy from Antigua to visit the place and investigate. Do you guys have a Photo Club in Xela? maybe a group excursion could be organized, as well as a show in the same building where Luna took the original pic.

      I also wanted to recommend listening to the song “tercer dia” by Puerto Rican band “Superaquello” ( free on their website)
      I think it’s a perfect match for the pic and your idea: ( not sure if it’s ok to share link, Luna?)

      1. Great idea NYChapin! There are at least 3 different Photo Clubs in Xela, but I only know 1 person who belongs to one of them. I´ll talk to him and see what can be done.

        1. I think all of this is a great idea…Rudy, if you were to organize it, of course Moonkat could offer our services/gallery for such a show!!

    2. Hi Cristina, actually I am thinking a show like this one could be itinerant so many more communities can be inspired by the success of San Juan La Laguna. Obviously the photographs would be the hook, but the disimitation of information and how-to guides the real goal.

      I’m up for it.

      By the way, the reason the streets of Antigua Guatemala are clean most of the time is because they’re swep often, twice daily some times. I remember a while back, the sweepers had sponsorship vests on them, but I can recall if they still do.

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