Tertulianos by Night

Tertulianos by Jose Moreno

As breathtaking outside as it is inside. One of these days I will go in and ask if I can take some photos for those of you who haven’t seen the inside of this lovely building!

Photo by guest contributor Jose Moreno.

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5 thoughts on “Tertulianos by Night

  1. It is so beautiful inside! There are so many details. For example, the bathroom sinks are mounted on antique doors! The wine cellar is set up for romantic evenings and the patio would be the perfect setting for an elegant reception. Definitely, ask if you can take some pictures!

    1. Alright Luna, I would like to see all these details that Cristina is talking about. Please, put them on your to photograph around Xela list. Thanks.

      1. Yepper 🙂 that’s why I said that one of these days I have to go in and take some fotos, It IS amazing! I would really like to be taken there for a romantic dinner one of these days…heh heh…keep your fingers crossed! If I do, I’ll take lots of pictures 😉

          1. Rudy…WHEN you come to Xela, I will let you take me to Tertulianos…no problem 😉 Heh heh…and your schedule is much busier than mine, you just let me know when you’re going to visit 🙂

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