Protest by Luna McCarthy

Last week there was a seemingly random protest of students that came down 12 Avenida. Although it was small, they held up traffic and their enthusiasm couldn’t have been stronger. I tried to figure out the signs or what the protest was about; some of the signs were about the education system, but some of the signs appeared to be about every possible issue. Some signs said “Justice” and other were just vague statements about how they wouldn’t put up with “it” anymore.

Do any of you local readers know what this protest was actually about…?

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3 thoughts on “Protests

  1. Guatemala is one of the few countries that has teachers with only a high school education.  The Ministry of Education wants to add 3 years so that they at least have a technical level.  Of course, the students don´t want to spend more time in school, the idea being that it would delay their entry into the work force.  Even though I´ve known exceptional teachers, a majority of students who end up being teachers are the ones that aren´t bright enough to study a bachillerato, secretariado or perito, which means that it´s not really a vocation for teaching that sends them down that path.   A few years back there were tests given to teachers so that they could be hired by the government.  Most of the applicants flunked the test.  Do we really want that kind of education for our children?  In the capital city, there´s even been Molotov bombs, tire burning and general mayhem because of this issue.  Now, I´m all for protesting against unfair government actions, but in the words of the immortal Shirley Q. Liquor, “This just ignant!”

    1.  Oh wow Cristina, thanks so much for the explanation…what an issue…and you’ve made some really good points…ufff…

      When is this going to be reviewed or passed legally, do you know?

    2. Thanks, Cristina.  You did explain a great deal, in a way that “non-natives” can easily understand.  I think my godchildren have a difficult time explaining things to me, sometimes, because they’ve never had to explain to someone who has no background whatsoever in the issue at hand.  I see a potential book in your comments … whaddya think? 😀

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