A Funny Thing Happened…

Claro! by Luna McCarthy

…during the lightening storm Sunday. My internet box blew up, when lightening struck the corner of my street. I’m not exactly sure what happened, if the lightening hit a power box or if the power surged just enough to blow my little Claro modem to bits. The power didn’t seem to blip and thank goodness my computer is fine, but the modem has been pronounced dead by Claro and I’m actually quite impressed with the service they gave us. They replaced the modem today without issue and all is well and back up and running, whew! Sorry for the tardy post readers, Monday’s photo to come soon!

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2 Responses to “A Funny Thing Happened…”

  1. Sergio David says:

    besides there is a lot of this kind of trouble lately in town, I am glad you did not have to wait too much for the device to be replaced.

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