3rd Hardest Working?

Working Hard by Luna McCarthy

I have mentioned before that I think the Xela Limpia guys are the hardest working crew around town. After those fellows, I think that the maintenance crew of Parque Central also works pretty hard. I wonder sometimes about all the guards though. We see them everywhere, guarding pharmacies, banks, jewelry stores, McDonalds and the occasional tienda. I think often times we think that guards have it easy. Standing around all day, usually not much of anything happens. But imagine IF something did…the guard would be responsible to do his best to terminate any dangerous situation; that’s a pretty big responsibility. I find that usually the guards that look serious and like they are truly ready for anything seem the most impressive. And then there’s the guy in the picture…who’s probably on break…

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2 thoughts on “3rd Hardest Working?

  1. I think this guy’s on break, too, Luna.  And I hear you about the serious-looking ones.  Every now and then, I notice one with a very determined look…and then I notice the powder burns on the end of the shotgun barrel, and the well-worn stock…and I’m glad that they’re professionals.  Hard-working, and (in my humble opinion) underpaid.

    1. Yeah, Eric, for the most part I agree.  Having to be on guard, literally, especially having to be ready for anything, and yet just standing there allllll shift…pretty tough work I think.

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