Architectural Detail

Close Up by Luna McCarthy

The architectural detail of many of the buildings in Xela, especially in El Centro is too lovely to describe. I’m not sure if the locals still stop in wonder to look at the detailing, but many a traveler stands in awe (and takes lots of pictures) of the beauty of the edifices of the past.

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2 thoughts on “Architectural Detail

  1. Every once in a while, when I´m not running off to do ten million things, I do look up and feel extremely lucky to live in Xela.  Not just because of the architectural details, but having a 360° mountain view sure doesn´t hurt!

    1.  Ahh Cristina, you are SOOOO right! It isn’t really work for me to look around and appreciate all the beauty here…in the city and surrounding us.  Of course, there are times I am super busy and I forget, but then, Santa Maria will take my breath away…or the colors in a particularly beautiful traje or the sun peeking out in orange and purple and gold from the evening rain clouds…yes, we are very fortunate!

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