Lust and Faith

Lust and Faith by Sergio Dominguez

When contributor Sergio Dominguez sent me this photo and captioned it “Lust and Faith”, I thought it was perfect. There seems to be so much of both in this country. Deeply religious, whether it be Catholicism, Mormonism or Evangelicalism, there exists profound faith here in Guatemala. Having said that, there is also a deeply running appreciation for beauty and passion for love; which at times could certainly be perceived at lustful. Any time spent in Parque Central will glean you the experience of many young couples fervently making out in public in broad daylight, perhaps because they aren’t allowed to be doing so in their houses. Interesting paradigm to say the least…

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One thought on “Lust and Faith

  1. Pos, si !  Hay gran apreciacion para la belleza en general…porque las chapinas son tan liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiindas, ja-ja-ja !

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