One of Our Own

Jose Moreno Self Portrait

XDP and all the “DP”s are usually of photos around the city or around Guatemala. But I remember about a year ago when GDP photog Hugo Muralles posted a picture of me (The Other Side of the Screen), stating, “Rules were made to be broken, right?”.

I feel the same way about this picture. I think that the guest contributors here at XDP are very worthy of being bragged about and this reflective shot of Jose Moreno is a great picture of a man at work.

© 2012, Luna McCarthy. All rights reserved.

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  • josh

    Dig the shot! Miss everyone down there! – Josh

    • LunaMcCarthy

       Glug glug…..miss you toooooooooooo Josh!!

  • Cristina

    Nice to meet you José.

  • patrick

    maybe but where are you kat mmmmm i don’t know but i hope that you’re fine i don’t know if you remember me but i am marco why you’ve closed your place uufffffffff a little bad i think i don’t know where are you but good look i am here in xela still i think that i need to go of here this dyas jajajaja i don’t know but i think that i need carry my music to other palce well i hope that you are fine….