Fashion Friday!! Half-Traje

Half-Traje by Luna McCarthy

There is a unique fashion trend, perhaps not only to Xela…women wearing “half-traje”. The skirt is the cultural norm worn in full traje, but the tops seem to vary. Sometime you see regular blouses, sometimes name brand sweatshirts on the younger girls. Here, today’s model sports awesome red shoes and a fancy little sequined tank top. This woman gets a 9 out of 10, as I really like the matchy-matchy-ness of this outfit, but she loses a point, because her bag wasn’t included in the ensemble.

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3 thoughts on “Fashion Friday!! Half-Traje

  1. I don’t know Luna, I would still give her a 10. Even her cell phone seems to match. The bag I’m not too worry about. We can always put it to the side if she agrees to sit down in one of the park benches and engage in a friendly “platica” je je je…

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