Deep in Thought

Pensando by Jose Moreno

It’s an interesting game to play, to wonder what people might be thinking. This lone man appears deep in thought. We don’t know if he is wondering what he needs to buy at the market or watching a dog cross the street. Perhaps he is missing a person long gone from his life or thinking that his left shoe pinches a little. Hard to say…and only he and God know what he was thinking at that moment.

Photo by guest contributor Jose Moreno.

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5 thoughts on “Deep in Thought

  1. His left hand is playing with two coin quetzales in his pocket.

    And thinking…. hijoles, how much sugar did Dolores say to get? I don’t even know if I have enough money. In my time, it would have been enough to catch a bus out of town. Maybe La Costa. sera que Telesforo still works at that Finca in Reu? No, it has been a long time. Ahora que me acuerdo, there was an hermosa patoja that used to work there. But with all this traffic I don’t even know where to catch the bus… How much sugar did she say?

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