Fashion Friday!!! Shoes!

Shoes by Luna McCarthy

So, I’m sitting in Parque Central the other morning and I see this woman come walking out of the McDonalds. She was tall and gorgeous and dressed to the nines. Skinny jeans, flow-y white blouse, hair done in an upsweep, shiny blingy earrings and lots of make-up. She looked a-m-a-z-i-n-g. As she exited McDonalds, she looked around to see who was watching and enjoying her beauty. (Yes, some women DO do that…). Her shoulders were back and high, her designer bag filled with (I’m guessing) make-up and mirrors and billfolds. She was the epitome of style and grace (and pride!) as she started to cross the street, walking towards the Muni. That is, until she took a header and actually became a little airborne before plummeting full limbs onto the street. It was horrific. She was physically fine, except for some probable scrapes to her knees. I felt terrible for her as she clambered around the crossing, to pick up all the make-up and mirrors and billfolds that had flown out of her purse on the way down. And as she looked around to see who had seen her fall, I was also thankful to see (possibly for the first time ever) that there were NO cars racing towards the park, during her accident and while she was gathering her belongings.

But wait. Did I mention the SHOES? Ah, no. The shoes were stunning and dramatic, with a platform at the front of 1-2 inches and a heel of at least 5 inches and belonged more in the Smithsonian of Shoes than on a LIVE person’s feet. Being a shoe girl myself, I appreciate a classic and feminine, ankle strap high heel as much as the next woman, but PLEASE. The shoes this woman had on (in combination with the Xela streets) MUST have contributed to her fall. As soon as I realized that she was all right I immediately thought, “Good grief girlfriend, put those dangerous things in the CLOSET!”

I love heels. I have (HIGH) heels. Many women wear heels because of the association with femininity and beauty. I know I do. A chapina friend has even teased me recently saying, “You don’t NEED to wear heels, you’re soooooo tall. We Guatemalan women wear heels to BE tall.” I’m not sure how true that is, this woman that I saw crash-and-burn that morning, was at least as tall as I am (5’8″/175cm), so I’m not sure that was the plan when she left the house wearing those shoes.

I appreciate that here, women’s shoes are often treated as the focal point of an outfit. I love the art and the glitz and the beauty and the lines of a good high heel. Then again, if I am going to be out and about, walking down the sidewalks of Xela for any period of time…I love me a good pair of Converse. I know the “look” isn’t the same, but I’m okay with that. I’ll leave the “killer-heels” for the dance clubs.

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One thought on “Fashion Friday!!! Shoes!

  1. I can imagine the woman in the story thinking “Ala que clavo!”. 
    Hey!  I just discovered I need a pair of shoes EXACTLY like the red ones in the back!!!

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