Conflict, Exclusion, Restraint? YOU decide.

Caption This! by Luna McCarthy

I like to talk. I talk a lot. But this post is for YOU, for you to decide what is happening in this photo. Please write at least a caption for this photo…what is this girl on the right thinking? What is happening here? What is YOUR perception on this shot?

I’m dying to hear what you all think! Leave a comment and let’s get the discussion started!

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8 thoughts on “Conflict, Exclusion, Restraint? YOU decide.

  1. To a potential threat just out of the shot, by both girls on the left: Think twice before you touch my girl!

  2. It doesn´t look like it´s confrontational towards the 3rd girl, because they´d be facing her.  They´re probably just saying: “Esperate un rato.  ¡No vayas para allá!”

  3. I like the discussion…Cristina, you might have a good point: if they were confrontational, they would be facing the girl.  It is a potentially protective situation too Eagoldsworthy, I agree, they might be saying, “this is my girl, back off!”  Hmmm…any other thoughts readers???

  4. They all have intense looks and the girl on the right is searching for answers.

    Girl on right: How could he? just yesterday we were crossing the park while eating an helado. And look at him now with that colochita ! I hope he gets sick from eating that mango.

    Girl on left: Hold on, don’t loose your cool, el no vale la pena. I hope the colochita spills mango juice on her uniform.

    1.  Oh my!!!!! Are you a playwright? I LOVE your story! Such emotion, such relation to their body language…hahahhaa, AWESOME!!!

      1. Thanks Luna,  I’m glad you liked it. Nah, I am just an amateur who loves Guate, photography and enjoys the work of talented folks like you, Rudy and Arturo. I was once a patojo in uniform and your shot brought me back to my escuela days. Keep up the good work.

        1.  Ahhh, hahahhaa, well thanks for the caption! I think you should consider becoming a professional “Picture Captioner”…or at least “Story Teller”…I think you’re explanation was perfect! 🙂

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