New Series! Fashion Fridays!

Lady in Red by Luna McCarthy

XDP will be running a new series every Friday, on the fashion and non-fashion seen here in Xela. There is so much “fashion” that happens here, that is very different than the trends seen in Antigua or in Guatemala City. Now every Friday, you will be able to sneak a peek at the fashion trends (and some “What Not To Wear”) here in Xela.

Today’s model was just hanging out in the park today, facing 12 Avenida as though waiting for someone. I like the red and black cut-out blouse on her, combined with the snazzy heels, it’s a sort of snappy look, especially considering the jeans are not TOO tight (good move!). Her structured haircut and daytime-appropriate makeup also lend to a very put together look. I personally might have changed the cut of the top, to be a little more flattering around the midsection, but over all, this model gets a 7 out of 10 from me 😉

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