What 25 Cents Will Getcha These Days

25 Cents by Sergio Dominguez

To be correct, 25 centavos. This will still get you a phone call from a “publico”, located all over town. I appreciate that there are payphones here in the city, now that I live here, if I am ever out of saldo for my cell, I would have no issues using a payphone. I remember the days in the US, when I was a kid, the payphones were a dime. My mother never let me out of the house without a dime in my sock, just in case.

But that change always got you one local call. Here, I am not so sure how it works, so I need to defer to our resident expert, Cristina…to ask: When you put a 25 centavo piece in a publico, is it a complete call to a local number or cell number or HOW does it all work? I know people who have to call cell numbers from public phones and need to load the phone with change…any answers?

Photo by guest contributor Sergio Dominguez; text by Luna McCarthy.

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2 thoughts on “What 25 Cents Will Getcha These Days

  1. Yikes!  I have no idea!  But I think that 25 centavos, or a choca as we call it, will probably give you a one minute call to a local number.   Calling cell phone numbers is usually more expensive, but even so, I would think it´s cheaper than using your own cell phone.  Otherwise, how do you explain having pay phones in a country that has more cell phones than inhabitants?

    1. Thanks Cristina, yes I wondered if it might be a minute, but really I had no idea.  And you must be right about it being cheaper than cell phones…as always, thanks for your input!!

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