Back in Time

Back in Time by Arturo Godoy

In my head, I know all the reasons why I love Guatemala, and more specifically Xela. It’s one of those funny things though, when people ask me at a cocktail party or in passing, “So why do you like it here?” Aaah, it always seems to stump me a little. Not because I don’t have {many} reasons, but mostly because it is one of those questions like, “How are you?”…that usually we just politely answer with “Fine”. The problem is, for me, the question of why I like {read:LOVE} it here is so much more than a 2 minute “polite” conversation. In those moments, I quickly assess the situation and try to determine if the asker is indeed genuinely interested/has the time to hear my answers, or if the question was just a polite conversation builder.

If the asker does have time or truly seems interested, then I might explain how I love the mix of the stunning colonial architecture and the dirt and grit and the hard “city-reality” of Xela…but one thing I would certainly mention, is how much I love the proximity of some of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen, just outside of town. You can step back in time to visualize the Garden of Eden or see lush green plants so large they seem to be from prehistoric times. There is an awe inspiring, yet stunningly simple beauty to this country, the further you get from civilization…which here, means only minutes from the city.

Photo by guest contributor Arturo Godoy; text by Luna McCarthy.

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