Impending Storm

Impending Storm by Sergio Dominguez

In these lovely, dry and sunny days of March, I still love this stark and bleak photo of guest contributor Sergio Dominguez. Capturing the impending storm in a perfect way, this photo reminds us of the beauty to be seen in the “darker/wetter” season of Guatemala.

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8 thoughts on “Impending Storm

  1. Thank you, Luna, for all of the photos of lovely, dry, sunny days.  The Guatemala I know looks more like this darker/wetter image…with marimba, fresh tortillas, and incredible coffee, of course !

    1. My pleasure Eric, I do love the windy, blustery afternoons and evenings of Xela also!! Tortillas, coffee, perhaps a little Baileys…ahhhh…heaven on earth!!

    1. Sergio, I think this is a good image for people to see, and remember experiences in Guatemala.  To me, when I look at this image, I remember being in a camoineta going West from Ciudad Guatemala, and I remember the people selling vegetables along the roadside.  Bien hecho !

  2. I also LOVE this shot…ah, good times in rainy season. {Kidding!!} Hahahahaa, I DO love dry season, but 6 months of each seems just about perfect…because about the fifth or sixth month of each season, we seem to be sick of whatever season it is (as naturally whiny as we humans tend to be}.  And the powers that be know that we need a change 😉

    And, Cristina, you can come and get a hot chocolate here, anytime you feel the need 😉

    1. I hope you´re open during Holy Week.  I´ll have some visitors over who would love to have some of that wonderful cake!!

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