9 thoughts on “Waiting in Line

  1. OOOOOh, el mercado o banco….bueno!! Mas cerca! Pero no… 😉 Are there any more specific guesses?  We are getting close!!!!

  2. It looks like it´s a bank, but it seems wierd to see one of those floor mats used to soften the area for people who stand for long periods of time, on the right upper hand.  Most bank tellers have a seat.   These mats are usually seen in the food business, behind the counter or in the kitchen. 

  3. Ahhh, everyone is getting closer…I have a very specific guess, but only after the photographer Sergio told me it was a farmacia…I think I know which one (I might recognize the floor!).  Do you?

    1. If it´s a farmacia that needs to have line separators, it has to be Adeph.  They have great prices, but you do have to be patient.

  4. And (I believe…) for the WIN, is Cristina!  I too think it is an Adeph Pharmacy…I think it is the one on 4th Street…the floor looks super familiar! Well done Cristina!

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