Rockin’ “for” the Free World

Concert by Luna McCarthy

On Friday night there was a big concert at the Municipal Theatre in protest of the possible “militarization” of the country, due to the new government. There were throngs of people who watched the concert…I’m not sure if they were just raising awareness or money as well, but it was great to see Guatemalans voicing out against worries of what the country’s future might hold.

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2 thoughts on “Rockin’ “for” the Free World

  1. sorry to burst your romantic bubble, but these are the guys from the Huelga de Dolores who ask for money on the streets and from local businesses. They’re supposed to be university students, and as such, they always criticize the government, no matter what political view they might have. i don’t have a very high opinion of them since mst of the money is used for getting drunk.

    1. Thanks Cristina, I wasn’t sure if it was them or not, but I figured it might be.  I still think that public criticism of the government (no matter where in the world) can raise awareness and stir up debate about what’s happening around us. I’m not a big fan of these guys either, having been hassled on the streets during Semana Santa and having known many business owners who have had to pay “protection” monies to them.

      And as always, I appreciate your extra details, in fact, if I know that I don’t have all the info on something, I love knowing that you will probably know! Thanks Cristina! 😉

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