Rocking Casa Noj

Rocking Casa Noj by Luna McCarthy

There was a big, exciting event today in Casa Noj, including a food fair and a pretty great band “Pacha K’Anchay” (featured in Concert in the Park Take Two). Although I’m not exactly sure what the event was called, everyone seemed to be having a wonderful time and the food was fabulous!

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2 thoughts on “Rocking Casa Noj

  1. Every first Sunday of the month, Casa Noj has a culinary festival.  You can get local food like Chocá, pepián, fresco de súchiles, atol de elote, arroz en leche, garbanzo en dulce, and other delectables!  It´s basically all about the food, but the music is quite a nice addition.  
    By the way, the festival is supposed to go from 11 AM to 4 PM, but if you get there after 2 PM you might not find anything, so be sure to head out there early.  

    1. Ahh, I wondered if it was every first Sunday…it was soooo enjoyable and the food was delicious! As always, thanks for all the info Cristina! 🙂

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