A Shameless (but Delicious) Plug

New Menu Item by Luna McCarthy

It’s time for a shameless promo for Moonkat Dessert Lounge & Galeria de Arte…we are introducing new menu items this week. New crepes, waffles, drinks and more! Saturday, March 3rd, will be an all day event (4pm-11pm) premiering these new items!

As well, we will be hosting a photo exhibition of our very own guest contributor Jose Moreno, also premiering on Saturday! Come eat some DELICIOUS treats and support a wonderful local business. To find out more about Moonkat Dessert Lounge & Galeria de Arte and the NGO’s we support, please click here.

See you on Saturday!!

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4 thoughts on “A Shameless (but Delicious) Plug

  1. You know, something about the phrases “dessert lounge & galeria” and “crepes, waffles, drinks and more” makes me wonder why I’m not there.  Won’t make it for Saturday, Luna…but Xelaju sure looks, um, “delicious”.  Ja-ja-ja !

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