Overpass by Luna McCarthy

There are so many of these pedestrian overpasses in Xela. Of course they exist in other countries as well, but I have never liked them, no matter where I’ve lived. Would you cross a 4 to 6 lane highway using one of these, or do you think they are far too dangerous to hang out on, having a late morning conversation, like the people in the picture are?

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4 thoughts on “Peligroso?

    1.  Mmm, my question was more to provoke thought than to say they are definitely dangerous…I have seen quite a few here in Xela, where the floor panels don’t seem firmly bolted down or are in states of disrepair.  As a non “overpass-professional”, I have no idea when that might actually become a danger…but it makes me wonder.  The other thing that Cristina mentioned below is the fear of getting mugged.  Lots of these passes are blocked in by advertising and pedestrians just might be a captive audience for muggers…just a few thoughts…

  1. Scary and dangerous would be the pasarela at El Guarda in Guatemala City, but only because you might get mugged there.   Crossing them is not a problem at all, except for people who are afraid of heights. 

    1. Haha, yeah Cristina, I wonder about getting mugged too…if I were the type of person to mug someone, I might hang out in these overpasses and take advantage of the limited space…hard to say.

      Also true, that people who are afraid of heights would certainly have issues with some of the passes being sooooo high…

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