Concert at The Park Take Two

Concert at The Park Take Two by Jose Moreno

A few days ago, I posted the photos “Concert at the Park” from one of our readers Salvino Terranova. Another of our readers Lena, had asked for more information regarding the band, while in the meantime, I received this photo from guest contributor Jose Moreno.

Here is the information I know of the band: The name of the group is Grupo Pacha K’ anchay, and they advertise as playing “The Sounds of the Andes”. They may have a consistent gig playing at the Centro Cultural by the pillars (near Parque Central) every Fri. at 4pm, but this is not confirmed. Most of the musicians are chapines, perhaps one of them is from Peru and a few of the musicians seen here also play at Pequena Fonda on occasion.

That’s the scoop, live from Xela, this is Luna McCarthy reporting! 😉

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