Welcome by Sergio Dominguez

I believe that nearly all of Xela looked towards the skies yesterday and secretly (or not-so-secretly) wished that these blue skies mean that summer is on its way. The “reverse-canicula” of rain during dry season seems to have ended, as we had NO rain yesterday or today, after a week of torrential precipitation, hail and super cloudy skies. These happy, puffy clouds seem to be saying, “Welcome summer, we’ve been waiting for you!” Fingers crossed!

Photo by guest contributor Sergio Dominguez; text by Luna McCarthy.

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2 thoughts on “Welcome

    1. Ahhh, YES Rudy!! Come for a visit! It would be great to see you!  Just remember, Moonkat is closed Mondays and Tuesdays 😉 No cake until Wednesdays!

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