C-O-L-D in Xela!

Cold by Jose Moreno

As our reader Cristina mentioned in a comment a few days ago…”Febrero loco”. And so far, that has been true. January seemed to be as well, with abnormally low temps. But February has been strange overall. Hailstorms with thunder and lightening almost every day this week…there was even snow in Tacana last week, snow that STAYED on the ground! Ahh, yes everyone agrees that summer is coming, just a few more weeks, but personally I don’t want to rush it, because the sooner summer comes, the sooner “Rainy Season” will be here too!

Photo by guest contributor Jose Moreno, text by Luna McCarthy.

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2 thoughts on “C-O-L-D in Xela!

  1. Hey Luna, we’ve been practically snow-less all winter long, up here in the land of sledding, skiing, and one-horse-open-sleighs.  Send us back our snow right now, and we’ll send you 50 degrees F, no questions asked.  Don’t make me come down there !  😀

    1. Hahahaha….I wish it were that easy! Actually, now it seems as if summer is almost upon us…whew!! Thank goodness!! Good luck with that snow issue 😉

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