Every Corner is Colorful – Reader Photo!!

Colorful Corner by Nora Berens

One great thing about a good music/hip hop/urban scene (here in Xela)…there is always something colorful to see in the downtown!

Photo sent in by reader Nora Berens, thanks Nora for sharing your awesome capture with us!!

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3 thoughts on “Every Corner is Colorful – Reader Photo!!

  1. I respect different forms of art, but when you use a beautiful stone wall as your canvas, I think that speaks more of defacing a historic building. 

  2. Street art is really growing on me. I agree it can brighten up the dull grey city areas, but agree with cristina too, not all building should be painted on.

  3. Mmm, good points ladies…”art” is super subjective.  And the PLACE where art happens might be as or more important as the art itself.  Is it defacing historic buildings as Cristina says…or is it brightening up an old unused edifice? I’d LOVE to see more discussion!!

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