From Around the World

From Around the World by Luna McCarthy

It’s a funny thing that happens in cities all over the world…you see stores, markets or boutiques that are named for far away “exotic” and foreign places. I remember seeing Asian markets and French boutiques in Serbia…and here, in San Fransisco de Alto, there is a commercial fabric store, named after Brussels! This makes me wonder if there is Belgium heritage in the owner’s family…or if they just liked the name…

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3 Responses to “From Around the World”

  1. I think it refers to Brussels Sprouts… that would be an iron-y don’t you think?

  2. Cristina says:

    There´s a finca called Armenia y Lorena; but in that case the owners do have ties to Europe.  On the other hand, I remember a small tienda on the road to the coast, named “Ues Pam Vich”.  No, it´s not in Vietnamese; it was named after West Palm Beach.  And then there was the store in Zunil called “Sevileven”, named after, you guessed it: Seven Eleven. 

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hahahaha….I love your comments Cristina and Manolo…but I have to say, the “Sevileven” might be the best thing I’ve ever seen…hahahaha!!!

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