La Fe en Dios

Shot From a Bus by Luna McCarthy

On the way out of Xela, at the rotunda…this monument has so many details that beg to be captured. This one little corner is so beautiful (even though shot from a moving bus, and a little blurry 🙁

I never cease to be amazed at all the tiny, artful, amazing details, all around the city of Xela; probably in the city you live in as well. Do you stop to see them?

© 2012, Luna McCarthy. All rights reserved.

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  • Cristina

    Supposedly there´s a gallery with old pictures inside this monument.  I´ve never been inside, so maybe Luna would care to give us a glimpse inside??

    • Anonymous

      Oooooooh, you can go INSIDE???? Hmmm, I might be tempted!!!