Xela Loses a Hero

Michael Johnson

Sad news arrived in Xela yesterday, as word started to spread that Michael Johnson, a Xela resident for many years, had passed away in the morning. Michael was a quirky character, known for his love of reading and literature, beautiful ladies and Cabro. As one of Michael’s many friends here in town, I personally have to say he was one of the most talked about and lovable characters that has graced the town of Xela in a long time. One knew that if Michael was around, there would be interesting, intelligent conversation and lots of laughs.

So many of us have always said that Michael had a heart of gold. This was proven in his final act of swimming out and trying to rescue another Xela resident from drowning in the ocean at Tilapita. John had swum out too far and gotten caught in the undertow and Michael, of course, did not hesitate to swim out to attempt to rescue him.

They will both be missed in Xela and sincerest of condolences to their family members.

And Michael…if there wasn’t already Cabro in heaven before, I’m sure there is now. Save a cold one for me Wilbur.

**Photo taken from Facebook.

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3 thoughts on “Xela Loses a Hero

  1. Deeply suprised , and do not know how this can happen .. he was a good customer , long-time customer … we had many chats when he came to the office , he took his time and i took mine , thanks God .  .. I don,t know , do not understand and feel upset. My condolences to his family , from Quetzaltenango .

  2. Very sad deaths indeed.  Swimming in  the ocean here is not your regular lifeguard supervised deal.  In fact, there are only a few beaches that have lifeguards, but the undertow is incredibly strong.   May they both be in God´s presence now.

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