A Few (More) of My Favorite Things

A Few (More) of My Favorite Things by Luna McCarthy

Continuing my love of purchasing all things “housey”…La Demo of course, has such a marvelous selection of house-type stuff. I am always finding something there that I didn’t realize that I need, but that I DO need…like a new strainer or kettle or cute little cow mugs or a spoon with holes in it or…well, need I say more?

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3 thoughts on “A Few (More) of My Favorite Things

  1. But of course you need a spoon with holes in it!!!  How else will you take the chicken out of the soup to later bake it? Or strain the buñuelos you´re frying?  How about one of those lime squeezers?  How else can you make your limeade or your ceviche?

  2. Ahhh, it’s true….I’m a sucker for all the pretty, shiny little things that you can use for your house… Cristina…LIME SQUEEZERS!! My favorite house thing!!  I still call them “squeezadoras” because I didn’t know the proper name for them, when I came to Xela…and truth be told we have about 6 hand held strainers (all different sizes) in our business (we NEED them all, REALLY!)  🙂

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