The Start of the Evening

Early Evening by Jose Moreno

As a foreigner and an English teacher here in Guatemala, one small thing I have noticed is that in Spanish, “tarde” goes until it is night time. In English we have the word “evening”, which signifies the time in-between afternoon and night, from roughly 5pm to about 8pm. It’s a small period of time, but one adjustment to living in a Spanish speaking country is that when someone says they will pop over to your house in the “afternoon”, it could be as late as 7 or 8!!

Photo by guest contributor Jose Moreno, text by Luna McCarthy.

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3 thoughts on “The Start of the Evening

    1. So true…I remember trying to explain the concept of “evening” to one of my first English classes…”You know, that time between afternoon and night”…and my students said, “Yeah, it’s called AFTERNOON”.  Heh heh 🙂

  1. Or it could mean “tomorrow”, or “next week”, or “next month”, ha-ha-ha.  I like Christina’s comment about “nuances”.  My theory is, somehow the Irish (like myself) are related to the Guatemalans…we both seem to have that concept of time being “fluid”.  “See you tomorrow, first thing in the morning” can mean a-ny-thing, ha-ha !

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