Christmas Presents

Christmas Presents by L McCarthy

People all over the world have different traditions regarding the winter holiday. Some people give gifts on Christmas morning, while others open presents on Christmas Eve. Others yet, celebrate the traditional holiday of Christ’s birth but do not give gifts, but celebrating instead with family, food, singing and visitations. How do you celebrate this holiday season?

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Presents

  1. I celebrate with a bit of everything you mentioned, Luna.  This year, I went crazy baking cookies of all kinds, and exchanged a few gifts with dear friends before the ‘family time’ around Xmas.  The cookies were handed out in batches, too.  Yesterday, I spent the better part of an hour waiting outside for someone who decided they had other plans instead…but I had cookies in hand, so it took some of the intensity out of the cold (-5C).  Going to celebrate with a big dinner at another friend’s house tonight.  Next year, I may very well be in GT, so I have to get in as much as I can this year, no?  Ha-ha, Feliz Navidad !

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