Fine Line

In the Cemetery by Jose Moreno

As photographers, we often shoot images that push the envelope of what might be considered “private” or even “ethical”. Often times, reactions will be different depending on the viewer and/or the photo…but what do you think? If a photo is taken of a mourning family member in a cemetery, do you think that is too private? Or do you think those images need to be shown as well? How much is too much? Is this photo okay, while one of a hysterically crying woman might not be? What is your opinion?

Photo by guest contributor Jose Moreno. Text by Luna McCarthy.

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One thought on “Fine Line

  1. I’ll take the ‘Buddhist’ viewpoint on this one, and say it depends on your intention.  I, myself, am neither a Buddhist, nor a photographer, but I think if you feel you have an important story to tell, click away.  There’s a photo I have from my first trip to Guatemala of a lady in beautiful traditional clothing, but she’s sobbing.  Why ? Because I wasn’t that discreet w/my camera, she didn’t understand espanol, and she couldn’t tell that all I wanted was to show my friends back home her beautiful vestido.  Good intentions, but poorly executed on my part….  : (

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