Where is Santa?

Santa? By Luna McCarthy

Please forgive the image quality of this photo, but when I saw what I saw this morning, I had to shoot a quick snapshot with my phone…For the last few years, there has been a blow-up Santa in the window above the McDonalds in Central Park. Many of us who live here have joked that it just wouldn’t be Christmas without “Suicidal Santa” standing on his ledge, leaning precariously, looking just about to jump. While suicide is NO laughing matter, there was a manner that lent this Santa to earn his name. The way in which he leaned, barely perched on the ledge; the look of despair on his face, he was one of the unhappiest Santa displays I have ever seen. But the wonderful thing about this Santa is that people used to go to him, look up at him and tell him that everything would be fine…and not to do anything drastic…and although it was all in jest, there was something nice about going to see Santa and reassuring him that all was well; almost as if we were all reassuring ourselves.

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