Look at All the Pretty Lights!

Lights by Jose Moreno

Xela’s Parque Central is lit up in supreme extravagance this year. These lights are a new addition as it the Christmas tree, which so many locals have said is much more beautiful and traditional than the Gallo Tree down at The Minerva Temple. There seems to be a very romantic, conventional Christmas feeling in El Centro this year…and no one is complaining.

Photo by guest contributor Jose Moreno. Text by Luna McCarthy.

© 2011, Luna McCarthy. All rights reserved.

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One Response to “Look at All the Pretty Lights!”

  1. Eric says:

    Ooooooh….pretty lights….
    Looks terrific, Luna (y Jose).  The decorations way up here in the N.E. corner are a bit subdued this year.  Not sure whether it’s lack of city budget, or lack of snow (it’s been much warmer than normal for months!).  Fotos like these remind me that I need to reverse the trend, and spend the holidays in Guate, spend the summers here.

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