Waiting by Luna McCarthy

The long lines at the ladies room, didn’t seem to discourage the women in Calvario from putting up with them, then again…there is nowhere else to go to the bathroom down at the Calvario Park. The funny thing is that there were about 25 women in line waiting to use the 3 stall facility and only one or two men waiting to use the men’s room. A few of us ladies actually asked if we could use the men’s room since the line was so long and there were no men waiting. The attendant told us that she couldn’t allow that, it just wasn’t “right”. The mother of a very young girl was insistent that it would be fine with us and many of us agreed, but the attendant was not to be moved, which led us all to a rampant discussion about how there should be 5 times the public bathrooms available for women than for men, since usually it is also the women who take the children to use the washrooms. I don’t think the attendant was very happy with our conversation.

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2 Responses to “Annnd…Waiting…”

  1. Cristina says:

    Yeah!  What´s with the illogical ratio of women to men´s stalls???  In most places in Guatemala…

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