Navidad, Navidad y mas Navidad!

Christmas Tree by Luna McCarthy

Since the Christmas desfile on Sunday night, the holiday season is officially here. The Gallo tree is up at the Terminal and there is a beautiful new Christmas tree in Central Parque. Perhaps a month of festive Christmas carols playing from the sparkling lights that are sold in the Demo isn’t actually too much. Do you love Christmas and all that comes with it, or do you just enjoy the day itself and think the rest of it goes on far too long??

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2 thoughts on “Navidad, Navidad y mas Navidad!

  1. I love Christmas and all that comes with it. Of course, we are talking about Christmas in Guatemala. So different from Christmas in the US where I’m currently living. Here we go to Target, Waltmart and other mega stores to buy gifts. In Guate, we buy from street vendors and open markets. It is a nice feeling.

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